Installing log4FX

This may seem odd, but there are no good install howto’s for log4fx. Log4FX is a Flex equivalent of lof4J, but allows you to do remote logging.


1) Download the latest from here

2) Download the license file from the same location as above (Look at the bottom, there are license files

3) Start Eclipse

4) Go to Software updates

5) Add an Archive and select the ZIP file

6) Select all the files and install

7) Restart Eclipse when prompted to do so


Set up Log4FX on a project

1) Right click on your project -> Log4FX -> Add Dependencies

2) You get a warning about the license. Select Yes to manage the license

3) Install the license and restart


  1. Hi thanx for the tips, however with m,y helios eclipse it always fails dependency org.eclipse.jpt.ui.0.0.0. A bogus plugin? Could not find any plugin with that name. What am i doing wrong?

    Best regards

    • Sounds like the plugin is not right. I have not looked at this for a while so make sure you have the right plugin


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