Postgres & Java

I’m looking into the PLJava package for Postgres. Looks interesting from what I have read already and may open a new level of integration. Some of the copelling reasons are from the readme….

PL/Java is designed with the objective to enable the power of Java to the database itself so that database intensive business logic can execute as close to the actual data as possible.

The PL/Java 1.2.0 release of PL/Java provides the following features.

1. Ability to write both functions and triggers using Java 1.4 or higher.
2. Standardized utilities (modeled after the SQL 2003 proposal) to install and maintain Java code in the database.
3. Standardized mappings of parameters and result. Complex types as well as sets are supported.
4. An embedded, high performance, JDBC driver utilizing the internal PostgreSQL SPI routines.
5. Metadata support for the JDBC driver. Both DatabaseMetaData and ResultSetMetaData is included.
6. The ability to return a ResultSet that origins from a query as an alternative to build a ResultSet row by row
7. Full support for PostgreSQL 8.0 savepoints and exception handling.
8. Ability to use IN, INOUT, and OUT parameters when used with PostgreSQL 8.1
9. Two language handlers, one TRUSTED (the default) and one that is not TRUSTED (language tag is javaU to conform with the defacto standard)
10. Transaction and Savepoint listeners enabling code execution when a transaction or savepoint is commited or rolled back.
11. Integration with GNU GCJ on selected platforms.

Watch this space for developments…..

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