getting EC2 going

Getting ec2 going and getting apt-get to install software:

echo deb hardy main | sudo tee -a /etc/apt/sources.list

echo deb-src hardy main| sudo tee -a /etc/apt/sources.list

gpg –keyserver –recv 8683D8A2

gpg –export –armor 8683D8A2 | sudo apt-key add –
sudo apt-get update

apt-get install sun-java6-jdk

apt-get install postgresql postgresql-client postgresql-contrib

Now change the password for the postgres client

sudo -u postgres psql postgres
\password postgres

This also tests if it is working
apt-get install tomcat6

Go to the public DNS:8080. You should get the default tomcat page. This indicates it works and is reachable.

It works !

If you’re seeing this page via a web browser, it means you’ve setup Tomcat successfully. Congratulations!

This is the default Tomcat home page. It can be found on the local filesystem at: /var/lib/tomcat6/webapps/ROOT/index.html

Tomcat6 veterans might be pleased to learn that this system instance of Tomcat is installed with CATALINA_HOME in /usr/share/tomcat6 and CATALINA_BASE in /var/lib/tomcat6, following the rules from /usr/share/doc/tomcat6-common/RUNNING.txt.gz.

That’s it

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